About Us

We're hungry and excel at excelling.

Opticom Group is a 100% digital virtual-based business, founded and run by Digital Communications and Marketing professional Deejay Jay.

Deejay has been designing, developing and managing digital communications in the form of websites and online and email newsletters for over 5 years.

Being a small business myself, I understand your needs and just how important it is for you to build credibility, trust with your potential customers.

Together we will craft an online presence for your business that showcases the best of what you have to offer, all housed on your own websites, at your own domain name and with your own business email accounts.

Feel free to reach out for any questions!

My vision

My ultimate goal is to provide great fully functional websites to serve as the backbone of your marketing efforts, and to cement your brands' presence in the online space.

Our packages are paid monthly and don't have thousand Rand deposits or upfront fees to break - this down the cost barriers normally involved in setting up a website, allowing any founder, small business owner, brand owner or independent professional to market their brand in the online space.

Websites for Everyone

My customers

As a small business myself I know that we have unique needs.

Establishing your brand online

In the digital age you can't afford not to have a strong online presence, your brand needs it's own space on the internet. We live in a world where people do an increasing amount of research online, more than 70% of people research a company or brand online before making a purchasing decision.


I understand small business owners are under a lot of financial pressure as they try to grow and scale their business, I have created website packages with this in mind using monthly pricing with no high upfront fees or deposits. I chose the monthly billing option to break down the cost barriers normally involved in getting a website for your brand.

Fast Service Delivery

I appreciate speedy delivery of services just as much as the next person and I always aim to deliver as quickly as possible.

What drives me

I love the entrepreneurial spirit and believe in the power of small business to provide an income for entrepreneurs and improve quality of life for themselves and their families.

Having a website is considered standard by the consumers of today, yet more than half of small business in South Africa don't have one. Small business provide a large portion of employment in the economy.

We empower small businesses to be on equal footing with their larger more established counterparts by providing them with websites that have exceptional design, functionality and quality.

Empowering small businesses through websites