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Website Design, Development & Management Packages

We provide all-inclusive Website Packages that will be your business or brands' exclusive online space.

Why a website?

We live in a world where everyone does an increasing amount of research online. Not having a website or even having a poorly designed one can really hurt your credibility with your potential customers.

More than 70% of people research a company or brand online before making a purchasing decision. When people search for your business or brand, do they find a website?

All website packages include the following features:

Website design and development

Complete design and development of your website and graphics used on it.

​All websites are responsive. They are optimised for mobile devices, meaning your customers can enjoy a quality experience from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Comprehensive hosting and domain name management

We arrange for and manage the hosting of your website and email accounts. Packages comes with between 6 and 15 email accounts at your domain e.g.

We also register and manage your domain name and it's annual renewal.

Dynamic content management

We manage the content of your website on your behalf, updating it with any new content you provide us with speedily.

This means you get a dynamic website that changes as you, your business and your business environment do.

Website Packages

Free informational flyer/catalog design based on your website content

Included in your website package as a bonus, we will design an informational flyer and/or catalog for you based on the content used on your website. It will be in PDF format so you can send it over email, or instant messaging like WhatsApp, as well as use it to print physical flyers to market your business or brand.

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